Association’s Profile

Associazione Opera Italia was born on the 30 November 2015 in Florence, created by eight associates: , Belloni Leonardo, Bartoli Emnuele, Bitossi Marco, Vanni Paola, Simoni Riccardo, Sereni Ivo, Cocchi Massimo, Birolo Gianfranco, with the aim of promoting Italian culture in the world and in particular quoting Art.3 of its Constitutional Act:

To stimulate and enhance the creative, cultural and economic potential of Italy and of the Italians;

To spread the culture of innovation, creating multimedia environments for the flow of ideas, knowledge and competences;

To create and manage an incubator of enterprizes, to favour the creation of new innovative ventures;

To promote the testing of pilot projects providing assistance to the research of innovation in each field;

To promote the continuos creation in all of the cultural and professional areas, also through the activation of courses and seminaries;

To dispense contributions, awards, scholarships for activities that are promoted and/or organized by the association;

To promote and organize, displays, conferences, meetings, shows and similar events, proceeding then with the publication of the related acts and documents.

In the globalization’s challange there is today a lack of an element that could be a unique and propelling reference that generates credibility and agreement, proposals and solutions applicable to all of the initiatives of italian origin, an association that could be a net that feeds itself, with the strenght of the cohesion of the entirety.

In the aims of the members there is the deep awereness of the modernity, necessity and material possibility to create an organization that, in time, could constitute, once again, the proof and the means with which Italy could give testament of itself to all of the world, having as its ultimate goal the recovery of the values that are at the basis of our cultureand at the service of a social and civil progress as much as spread as possible.