To serve: everyone who identifieses in the Italian culture and that wishes to examine it in depth.

To link: with old and new sistems, all of the Italians and the descendants that desire it through an establishment whose mission is to spread the Italian culture in the world and, through a commercial organization subordinated to rules and ethical basis, that are the roots of exchanges and trades in general.

To apply: a Glo-Cal philosophy.

To respect: the two  synergic  souls of the Foundation and of the Holding that feeds them through the operative fluxes, but, at the same time, leaves them indipendent and defined in the realization of their missions, through the operative fluxes.

To have: a spiritual research component and another essentially mercantile that allow to communicate with all of the forces in the field and, at the same time, could share the main mission of spreading the principles of the Italian culture.

To integrate: the old economy actions with a computerized organization that provides real-time links that are made possible thanks to the internet and similar technologies.

To free: the huge energies that are available with the synergy offered by this new ecosystem through new and proper initiatives.

To create: an identifying and controlling system that legitimates the use of our name and brand, that becomes definite feature for the products exchanges or the services supplies.