Association’s Aims

1) To stimulate and enhance the creative, cultural and economic potential of Italy and of the Italians.

2) To spread the culture of innovation, creating, with the financial resources of the associates and third parties contributions, multimedia environments for the flow of ideas, knowledge and competences and allowing the use of the environment between the associates through multimedia channels.

3) To create and manage, with the associates, an incubator of enterprizes, to favour the creation of new innovative ventures, even in the form of limited liability consortium, providing qualified assistance in the initial stage

4) To promote the testing of pilot projects providing assistance to the research of innovation, both in the cultural and scientific field.

5) To promote the continuos creation in all of the cultural and scientific areas of interest, also through the activation of courses and seminaries with qualified professionals, who also come from outside the association.

6) To promote and organize, both on the European  and the extraterritorial territory, with its own and third party’s financial resources, displays, conferences, meetings, shows and similar events, proceeding then with the publication of the related acts and documents.