Association for the spread of the Italian culture


Opera Italia is a non profit apolitical association that has the purpose to spread the Italian cultural heritage in the world, besides the research and the promotion of necessary rules to guarantee production, products exchange and to support the progress of a social base as large as possible. It also is an Italian association for Italians in the world.

Its associates , in fact, are active in each headquarter and have the possibility and the opportunity to spread and promote culture in the different environments such as technological, economic, financial, legal, humanistic and scientific etc.

The initiative to creat Associazione Opera Italia comes from Leonardo Belloni, a business man with a good experience in marketing. That purposes original formulas to original problems given by the new global reality.

To serve

Everyone who identifieses in the Italian culture and that wishes to examine it in depth.

To link

With old and new sistems, all of the Italians and the descendants that desire it


To apply a G-lo-cal philosophy

To respect

The two  synergic  souls of the Foundation and of the Holding that feeds them through the operative fluxes.

To integrate

The old economy actions with a computerized organization that provides real-time links and availability.

To create

An identifying and controlling system that legitimates the use of our name and brand.

"The Republic promotes the development of culture and of scientific and technical research. It safeguards natural landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation."

Art. 9 of the Italian Constitution


Associazione Opera Italia in its incessant promotional activity of the italian culture in the world, has the purpose to create:

Associazione Opera Italia promotes and organizes conferences, with prestigious guests, on the themes most dear to us, that means innovation, art , culture that are necessary to make Italy well-known all over the world.  You can find updates on our future initiatives in this website.

Associazione Opera Italia promotes and organizes meetings in Italy’s most important cities to promote, in a serene and collaborative climate, the Italian image and culture in the world.

If you wish to organize a meeting, please contact us through the specific section in the website.

Actively present in the promotion of the Italian culture in the world, Associazione Opera Italia organizes different tipes of shows with the aim to introduce and sensitise people towards the key-themes of our association.

The use of the most modern technologies allows to expand the meetings and conferences to a potencially infinite public, broadcasting them online. In this way it becomes possible to participate directly from one’s own city, cancelling all the distancies.


Associazione Opera Italia draws its identity from a trasmutation process that consists in the transition from a typically pyramidal reality, the Local Reality, made of Bosses, rules and subordinates, to a non-pyramidal and non-hierarchical, but concentric, reality, the Global Reality.



The complex shows dinamic balance between two concentic vortices in virtual and counterposed rotation.
The red and green, together with the white background, express the stated membership of the Association to the Italian nation.


The project named FOI (FONDAZIONE OPERA ITALIA) comes from the idea to link the global world with the necessities that originate from the ecosystem of the individual, meaning the local world. Such project, that presents a participating structure, also arised with the aim to optimize the voluntary sector, so to join the best volunteering strenghts with the best public strenghts.


1) To stimulate and enhance the creative, cultural and economic potential of Italy and of the Italians.

2) To spread the culture of innovation, creating, with the financial resources of the associates and third parties contributions, multimedia environments for the flow of ideas, knowledge and competences and allowing the use of the environment between the associates through multimedia channels.

3) To create and manage, with the associates, an incubator of enterprizes, to favour the creation of new innovative ventures, even in the form of limited liability consortium, providing qualified assistance in the initial stage

4) To promote the testing of pilot projects providing assistance to the research of innovation, both in the cultural and scientific field.

5) To promote the continuos creation in all of the cultural and scientific areas of interest, also through the activation of courses and seminaries with qualified professionals, who also come from outside the association.

6) To promote and organize, both on the European  and the extraterritorial territory, with its own and third party’s financial resources, displays, conferences, meetings, shows and similar events, proceeding then with the publication of the related acts and documents.


A case of success:

During 2016 Associazione Opera Italia succeeded in organizing three conferences dedicated to the scientific reaserch topic.

Many important scientists of the Italian and European panorama participated, in particular two conferences were organized in Tuscany and one in Sicily.

The conferences occured in Tuscany were held in the Sala Auditorium Of the Consiglio Regionale della Toscana.

These have been three events of great cultural success and participation.